I think Javier is honest, forthright and a breath of fresh air in politics. I support him 100%!
~ Chuck Woodstock

I want you to know that your story is impressive.  You have the rare quality to relate to people and when talking with you there is no doubt that you are interested in  the person you are speaking with.  Your answers to the questions asked were not political rhetoric but from the heart and it comes across as honest and straight forward.  I knew I liked you when I first met you at the 25th Legislative District spaghetti feed a few Fridays ago and you impressed me during our one on one conversation and then with your presentation to the 2/29th Legislative District. You are the kind of candidate that will win over most of the people you have a chance to get in front of and can do it with the best of them because you are believable. All the best with your campaign and all the other excellent things you do and I'm sure we will meet again several times before the election.
~ Dean Haner

I'm supporting my friend Javier Figueroa for Pierce County Council! I have known Javier since 2003, when my younger brother Dino Rossi announced htat he was running for Governor. We stood out in the streets together through hot summer days and cold winter months. He was my brother's finance guy. He is a gentleman and my good friend. We need Javier's background, experience and attributes on the county council. Please join me in supporting Javier!
~ Dick Cogo

Best thing about Javier? He is Honest. He truly likes and cares for people. He listens. He can be trusted. They don't come much better than that. Javier is a First Class Candidate. He will be a Great county council person.
~ Elida Lathrop

Javier is truly a "People's" Advocate--always placing people before politics. He is an experienced policy decision maker always helping spread prosperity to his community. Javier is a voice for the marginalized and disadvantaged in society.
~ Former Pierce Cty. Exec. Joe Stortini

Washingtonians - This is the person we need for Pierce County Council.  He is humble, hard-working, honest and tenacious among many other things. I trust him, support him and ask that you give him your vote.
~ Kent Keel

You know those moments of clarity once you've read all the info and can then decide.... GREAT IDEA! This was mine today. Wishing you all the best Javier Figueroa
~ Maringi Lloyd

Figueroa is a commuity leader that understands fiscal responsibility and the need to keep our communities healthy today and into the future.
~ Pierce County Exe. Bruce Dammeier

For me, living away from my hometown, Javier and his family are an important part of my life. When I met Javier for the first time 10 years ago, he made me feel like it would be okay - that I could make it here in the States. Javier is a very warm and caring soul who cherishes family and friends, is genuinely concerned with the well-being of others and can always make you laugh - he makes me feel like I am surrounded by family back in Japan. Even now, the kindness of Javier and his family make me feel supported every day. I am truly grateful to have met Javier and his family.
~ Shizue Kolterman