University Place Council member Javier Figueroa will go before Pierce County District 4 voters for the first time in 2020. His cultural background, personal story, professional experience, and message, will resonate with the diverse block of voters in his district and he is committed full time to winning the race. He will win in the same way he has achieved everything in his life--through hard work, perseverance, listening, and teamwork. Javier Figueroa welcomes you to join his winning team.

The Pierce County Council race will be one for the people of District 4 to decide – not political agendas or unions. Javier has thought through what he will do with the office once the voters decide to hire him. He is coming out of the gate focusing on restarting small businesses and Expanding larger businesses in a way that is safe for the public and on creating healthy businesses that will provide jobs and contribute to sustainable communities.

Figueroa is a solid, constituent minded council member, and is reputedly a very good public official who believes in taking care of the public’s assets. He's a proven winner within his community and has exceptional relationships with independents, republicans and democrats across the state. He's great at answering questions without political jargon. Javier’s brand of politics doesn't scare off atypical type of voters and certainly will attract the most pragmatic voters in Pierce County – his campaign is off to a strong start!