• Who is Javier?

    Who is Javier?

    Javier Figueroa, an ordinary person with ordinary hope and dreams. This is dedicated to "we the people" and my fellow military veterans. Let there be hope in our lives and let dreams come alive for all. As your next Pierce County Council member, he will lead an effort to bring hope and dreams back to all.

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  • Javier Figueroa

    Javier Figueroa

    Uniquely qualified for the goals & responsibilities of a Pierce County Council member. He is a protector of the environment, advocate for education and literacy, and a voice for the marginalized and disadvantaged in society.

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  • For Pierce County Council

    For Pierce County Council

    Advancing the quaility of life for the citizens of Pierce County through the development of sustainable communities.

  • Javier's Family

    Javier's Family

    Javier with his wife, Mary Kay of 39 years and daughter, Amylena. Javier’s family members also include his three sons, Javier II, Anthony, Philip and three grandsons--Oscar, Max, Javier III and Joaquian.

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To all my family, friends and supporters:
Thank you for your unwavering support for me as a candidate for Piece County Council. I'm proud to be part of our democracy. Citizens should be able to have a sense of trust and pride in the member they elect, and I intend on providing just that.
~ Javier

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